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Rule of Activity
Rule of Activity PDF 

1. English Discuss : Open Hours Library

 Time discuss minimal 30

 Group (max. 15)

 Theme  discuss: free

 Collect result discuss (FORMAT  RESULT of  ESSAC ACTIVITIES)

2. Lecturing: Suitable appointment

 Activity teaching by lecturer

3. Reading English Book : Open Hours Library

 Time Reading minimal 30


 Book which collect at ESAC Room


4. TOEFL EXAM: Open  Hours Library

 Time training minimal 30


 Under instruction tutorial at table

 Use Name Training is  NIM / Name

 Result (Library will check on database TOEFL)

5. Listening : Open Hours Library

 Time listening minimal 30

 Using CD/Cassette available on desk


 Collect report  Listening (FORMAT  RESULT of  ESSAC ACTIVITIES)

6. Watching TV / Video

 Time watching minimal 30

 Using CD / Film available on Desk

 Group (Max 20)

 Collect Report Watching (FORMAT  RESULT of  ESSAC ACTIVITIES)


NOTE: Available Capacity and Facility ESAC ROOM 



  1. Result using english language
  2. Type on A4 Paper, using library computer at Digital Room
  3. Type  Member NIM / Name of Individual or Member Group on top paper left margin
  4. Title / Theme of Discuss, Reading, Listening and Watching on center paper
  5. Actris / Actor if there
  6. Summary (minimal 250 words)
  7. Conclusion (minimal 100 words)


Save your result activity in computer Digital Room on drive:Z: folder RESULT ESAC (File name use name group or individu (NIM and Name))

Note:1. Please you sure log in and log out on computer presence ESAC
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